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Announcing A. Messenger's New Book:

Tales From the Center of the Herd:
Short Stories of Long Term Sobriety & Recovery
'Once a Zebra, Always a Zebra'

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The phrase Once a Zebra, Always a Zebra is "recovery-speak," often heard around our fellowship rooms. All Alcoholics and Addicts having admitted their powerlessness, then stepping-up to a life of recovery, sense these stripes that mark us, spiritually visible amongst our kin. We know each other in this aura.

Now, 18 stories of experience, strength and hope are shared with you in this book by those with 20 or more years - we know them as "Old-Timers". Some are living - others have moved into the next dimension. Here, their message is still carried on to you and others forever, just as they would have it in their words.

You'll see striking photos of Power Animals. Their symbolic spiritual strengths of legend are described, providing focus on characteristics we all aspire to acquire. These are "Tales From the Center of the Herd" - where all of us know, there is strength and security in our numbers.

Available now as an Amazon Kindle E-book for $6.99 or in print format for $13.50. Buy the Book

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